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AL Badia is an established reputable transportation and logistics company that is 100% Iraq owned and operated.

We have extensive experience in the transportation of bulk fuels and we have diversified our fleet and capability to enable us to transport all classes of supplies with a diverse trailer fleet that includes pump-metered tanker systems, gravity fed tanker systems, low boy w/ winch heavy equipment transport systems, general cargo flatbeds, bulk water tankers.

In addition AL Badia can provide a host of Material Handling Equipment required to provide a complete transportation distribution system for up/down loading if all cargo types.

AL Badia is a fast grown Shipping and transport company, specializing in freight forwarding, land transportation, customs clearing, warehousing and providing full logistical services with highest degree of customized services and attention to detail.

With our head office being located in Umm Qasar and our powerful expansion into the Iraq Markets and our vast experience in our fields, we are specialized in handling all logistical aspects of infrastructure, developments and all types of projects through our extensive network and proficient and experienced team.

All vehicles and equipment are on a maintenance schedule as part of our standard policy ensuring that the fleet is operating at maximum performance at all times.

The company is continually updating the equipment in order to provide the best possible service to all clients. AL Badia Sets very high standards of professionalism through a focus on a continuous improvement and strives to maintain all equipment with the most up to date procedures.

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